Laughing Lamb, BANG (Self-released)

I like to think everyone has a good epiphany with ‘primitive guitar music’ [as I am calling it here after Laughing Lamb – read ‘American Primitive’, or ‘soli’, or ‘Fahey-esque’, or ‘solo experimental guitar’, or whatever]. Mine was as an alt-rock spoilt undergrad in Penryn, Cornwall. Rick Tomlinson, shortly followed by Six Organs of Admittance, […]

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Rattle, Sequence (Upset the Rhythm)

Are they cymbals or are they shrooms? The magic picture-esque cover is perhaps fitting for Sequence, the second LP by Rattle, the Nottingham-based drum duo of Katharine Eira Brown and Theresa Wrigley. Their previous, self-titled record had a very dry, brittle feel (not a bad thing, ‘like it was recorded in a cold room’ as a […]

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Eartheater (Cucina Povera + Richard Riggs) – Courtyard Theatre, London, 25/10/18

Everything feels out of sync at the gig this evening. People seem lost, confused, not able to move, dancing to rhythms that don’t exist. Maybe it’s appropriate for Eartheater, the moniker of Queen’s NY based artist Alexandra Drewchin, whose most recent record IRISIRI revels in frustration and dislocation. Maybe it’s just the everyday for Shoreditch, […]

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Roman Nose, S/T (Singing Knives)

Picture me this. An old salvage ship, not-quite wrecked, adrift and tilting violently in storm waves: whatever’s left of the weathered spoils now tangling into mere junk. Or a drunken fistfight in a rainy cobbled street – respective blows to the windpipe, gasping for breath, stemming and chewing on vomit, yet neither unwilling pugilist goes […]

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Acolytes, Rupture (ALTER)

I fucking love the Low Company record shop in Hackney. Clear aesthetic, some ridiculously lovely people behind the counter (I have to stop the guy putting records into my hand) and some beautifully niche stock. New discoveries have included the locked groove nursery rhymers Brannten Schnüre, the Omlott label’s moodier undercurrent of Neutral and Enhet […]

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